MID WEEK HIRE – 3pm-11pm:

Full day midweek hire (Tues- Thurs): £770.00


Full day Friday hire (3pm-11pm): £924.00


Full day Saturday Hire (3pm-11pm): £1090.00

Day before event client set up access (from 4:00PM): £400.00  Additional hours before 4:00PM: £80.00 per hour

All hire prices include £100 cleaning fee

Late Licence (midnight)(subject to Local Council approval) £485.00 + VAT  Includes application fees and staffing

All hire prices include £100 cleaning fee

Extra to hire fees :

Security @ £22/ hours

Rubbish collection £120



You are able to supply your own drinks however there will be a corkage charge. We also have a pay bar facility.
Reception drinks and Dinner drinks = £3.50 per person.
Reception drinks, Dinner drinks and Evening drinks =£7.50 per person.
Evening guests = £4.50 per person.


Payment Amount Due Date Name Payee Reference On Payment
Non-refundable Deposit 50% Venue Hire 7 days from when contracts sent. SMART / The Old ChurchSort Code: 08-92-99 Date of your event
Second Payment Remaining 50% Venue Hire 3 Months Before event date SMART / The Old ChurchSort Code: 08-92-99 Date of your event
Damage Deposit(Refundable) £500.00 14 days before event and refunded back into your account 14 days after your event has taken place. Barclays Bank/Easy Gourmet LtdSort Code: 20-26-46 Date of your event


23:00PM: Last Song and Bar Closure
23:30PM: Guest Departure – Removal of all decorations and client belongings.
00:30AM: Easy Gourmet Staff & Security Guard Departure


Wedding Booking Contract The Old Church – Easy Gourmet Ltd
The Old Church, St Marys Stoke Newington London, N16 9ES

All bookings of TOC are offered by EG and accepted by the Hirer (YOU) on the general terms and conditions set out in this Agreement and any additional terms contained in the attached Schedule.


1. To confirm a booking; the Booking Forms along with a deposit fee (inc. VAT) must be signed and returned and received by the management.

2. All other monies for the remaining of the booking agreement (including chosen packages for room hire and pre-booked services, catering and wine) is requested by EG as stated in their payment schedule sent along with your booking form. Failure to pay the supplementary fee will result in the lapse of the booking and render the basic fee liable to forfeiture. Any further booked extras or outstanding will be added to the final invoice. The balance of final invoice must be paid within 25 days after the date of the event or interest at 8% per annum will be charged on the outstanding balance.

3. The menu choice must be agreed with EG and numbers confirmed no later than fourteen working days prior to the event. Minor last minute number changes are possible up to 72 hours prior to your event.

4. An additional Damage Deposit of £500.00 is payable on each booking 10 days prior the party against damage to the building and contents and will be returned in whole within 14 days after the event. This of course does depend on whether there were any damage to the venue.

5. The person named as the Hirer will be liable under the Agreement. Where two or more are named they will be jointly and severally liable.

6. The Hirer will be responsible for and indemnify TOC against all damage and loss to the building and contents and against all injury to people within or around the building during the period of hire or arising out of its use where such loss damage or injury does not arise out of the negligence of TOC. The Hirer will be responsible for arranging appropriate insurance cover for the individual function. EG will require proof of insurance cover only from the recommended insurance.. Please ensure you tick to get the £5000000.00 public liability.

7. TOC and EG accept no responsibility or liability for the theft or loss of damage to any property of the Hirer or of persons connected with the Hirer left or deposited in the cloakrooms or elsewhere in and outside of the building. Any property left remains the responsibility of the Hirer.


8. TOC and EG reserve the right to cancel any booking forthwith and without liability on its part in the event of damage to or destruction of the building or for causes beyond its control which prevent it from performing its obligations under the Agreement.

9. If the Hirer wants to cancel the booking, this must be notified in writing. The first deposit is none-refundable. Cancellations from 59 days before the booking date will require full payment of the venue hire.

10. The period of hire will be specified in the schedule. Any periods beyond that will incur a penalty fee of £75.00 + VAT per hour + Staff charge per half hour (Security Guard- Manager-Waiter)


11. The basic hire fee covers the normal use of electrical supplies.
The Hirer must notify EG electrical engineer of any additional requirements at least 28 days in advance of the date of Hire and agree the same with him. EG will notify the Hirer of any additional costs involved.

12. All requests for alterations to the existing decor and for the erection of any scaffolding lighting or other temporary structure must be agreed with TOC and EG 28 days before the date of Hire. The Hirer is responsible for the reinstatement of the building within the time set in the Schedule. TOC accepts no responsibility for such alterations.

13. The hirer is responsible for returning the building to the condition it was found in, within the set schedule.

14. Smoking within the building is not permitted. Smoking outside is allowed however the hirer must provide sand buckets for fag ends.

15. All catering arrangements must be undertaken by EG and are subject to their terms and conditions. EG will be full responsible as an events coordinator
16. Lighting and Sound Equipment must be organised by EG production team.

17. Hirer must use EG drinks package

18. Hirer must provide a full description of decoration. Please note you are allowed to decorate as you wish aslong as discussed with an EG manager first. Outside space it allowed to be decorated also we just ask that you please respect the graves.

19. Candles are allowed however only if they are in a glass jar/holder.

20. Confetti is not allowed.

21. Friday Set-Up & Delivery: This is allowed however for 4 x hours is @ £300.00 plus a manager on site @ £18.00 per hour. – Should you wish for longer venue hire will be £75.00 per hour.

22. If any of the guests attending are not well behaved and highly intoxicated EG have the right to stop serving alcohol to that individual and ask that they leave the venue.

23. Any verbal or abusive behaviour towards EG staff will not be tolerated and will give EG the right to stop the event.

24. We have a zero tolerance to drugs policy.

25. Regarding having your own DJ/BAND – this is allowed however you must send confirmation to EG. The maximum sound level is 98 decibels. We will notify the band/Dj should they exceed this level however after the 3rd warning then have the right to stop all music. Please note 98 decibels for our venue will be loud enough and therefore shoudn’t be any issues as we’re sure no one will go above that.