Spanish Prosciutto Ham on the bone

Serrano Ham comes from white pigs that have been fed on dry food and cereals. It is made using artisan techniques (the good ones) . They are processed with salt and then undergo slow drying and maturing process. Gran Reserva means hams were cured minimum 15 up to 20 months.

It comes from Leon (north of Spain), district of La Bañeza, where there are some excellent weather conditions for curing and maturing the hams. Hams in this part are well known for being good.

Homemade Roasted English mustard and honey York Ham -Ham boneless

Our Ham comes from Kent in England and is organic free range pigs, we cook it in house with an old recipe to bring to your palate the best of the English country side taste…. our Ham are served during reception  drinks along with canapés or part of dinner buffet or for evening buffet served along with piccalilli and home bake bread

Traditional breeds are known for the fine quality of meat they produce. They generally hold a slightly higher proportion of fat than the mass produced pork found in the supermarket which adds to their succulent flavour and makes superb crackling practically guaranteed

To Serve with the Ham we Propose Vegetarian Nibbles 

Selection of Homemade Dips

Houmous, Tzatzaki, Spicy Tomato
Grilled Pitta Bread

Mix Olives

Feta Cheese marinated in olives oil and Herbs

Free Range Cebo Iberian Ham on the bone

Our Iberian Patta Negra Ham  comes from a selection of pure bred iberian pigs raised in semi-wild conditions, fed on grains and pulse crops in pasture lands, and is produced using the best traditional, handmade methods. The hind legs of the Iberian pig are processed with salt and then undergo a very slow drying and maturing process which gives them the organoleptic typical texture and flavour. All this is done subject to the strictest quality controls. Curation: 36 months