Share starter Antipasti feast Menu

Menu 1 Antipasti Meat Platter : Small Starter 

Menu 2 Antipasti Meat Platter  Large Portion 

Mortadella, Salame, Pancetta,  Milano, Pastrami

Mozzarella fresh pesto and basil oil with beef and sun­dried  tomatoes

Grilled aubergine, courgette, tomato, peppers   in garlic and oregano oil dressing

Assorted foccaccia bread, black olives, sea salt rosemary, cherry tomato thyme

Olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Grilled Baby Octopus Salad with Roasted Fennel, Olives, Citrus and Pistachios (Extra £1.80 per

guest no included )


Menu 3 Antipasti Vegetarian Platter : Small Starter 

Menu 4 Antipasti Vegetarian  Platter  Large Portion 

Mozzarella fresh pesto and basil oil with beef and sun­dried  tomatoes  Grilled aubergine, courgette, tomato, peppers  in garlic and oregano oil dressing

Grilled Asparagus buttered and sea salt

Assorted foccaccia bread, black olives, sea salt rosemary, cherry tomato thyme

Olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Menu 5 baked Brie 

Oven baked brie (1kg brie per 8 guests ) with thymes and rosemary served with apples, celery stick, onions chutney served with toasted baguette

Menu 6 baked Camembert 

Oven baked camembert (1 camembert per 4 guests) with thymes and rosemary served with grapes, walnuts. cranberry (bread with toasted) served with toasted baguette

Menu 7  Pate, terrine and salad

Please choose 1 terrine from below

Ham hock terrine served with piccalilli and green leaves salad

Pate de Campagne with  green leaves salad and chutney

Terrine with duck and pistachios served with fig chutney and frisee lettuce  extra £1.50

Terrine with venison and walnuts served with lamb lettuce and apricot chutney extra £2.00

Please choose 1 from below

Mushrooms pate

Red lentil & Sweet potatoes pate

Walnut and roast garlic chickpea pate

Served with artisanal bread

Menu 8 Fisher man platter 

Cured salmon gravalax marinated in beetroot


Cured salmon gravalax marinated in dill and smoked paprika

Smoked Markell rillettes

Potted shrimp

Served with artisanal bread


Share Feast Menu 

Menu option 1: Main course 

Roasted Poussin (1/2 per guest) with fennel and lemon balm with roasted cherry tomato

Corn feed whole chicken (1.5 chickens for 6 guests) under skin marinated in garlic, fresh herbs; butter stuffed with lemon, carrots onions red onions with white wine jus

Slow cooked pork belly in sage and cider served with apple sauce

Honey glazed gammon with parley liquor

Menu option 2: Main course 

Knuckle of pork marinated ales and green peppercorn sauce

Free range roasted whole chicken marinated in sumac spice, pickle lemon and shallots comfit

Free range oven bakes whole chicken Roasted cherry tomato, black olives, fresh Provencal herbs, Organic olive oil

Slow cooked shin of beef in deep red wine and caramelised red

Menu option 3: Main course 

Slow cook lamb shoulder glazed in port wine and mustard seeds with port jus

Slow cook lamb shoulder Moroccan Style, cumin, cinnamon, ginger, paprika, fennel (we recommend this dish with Turlu turlu vegetable and Couscous)

Slow cook lamb shoulder in red wine and Cotes du Rhone wine  deep sauce

Menu option 4: Main course 

Roasted loin of pork on the bone marinated with Dijon mustard and fresh herbs in sauvignon blanc jus

 Menu option 5: Main course 

Roasted beef sirloin with thymes jus and shallots comfit

 Menu option 6: Main course 

Rack of lamb noisette with bread crumble, garlic, rosemary coat served with a red currant jus