Vegetarian Selection 1 x:

Sea salt roast baby jacket potatoes with mature cheddar and spring onions*

Grilled Carpaccio of courgette filled with Moroccan couscous ratatouille in filo basket  (vegan)*

Cherry tomato baby mozzarella fresh pesto red pepper mousse pastry *

Bubble and squeak balls, garlic and chives fromage blanc dips *

Mediterranean vegetable mini quiche *

Toast cherry tomato, rockets, halloumi skewers*

 Vegetarian Selection 2 x:

Stilton rare-bit with pickled shallot rings baguette croustini**

Roast butternut squash arancini with coriander chutney**

Mini Tartlet of goat cheese & tomato and black olives mini quiche**

Goat cheese black olives tapenade, Spicy aubergine chutney on herbs scones**

Aubergine and spicy green beans and mozzarella rolls**

Vol au vent stuffed with mushrooms duxelles and truffle oil cream**

 Vegetarian Selection 3 x:

Cream zucchini, mushrooms, truffle oil with parmesan Verrine***

Beetroot Scotch quails eggs, Cornish sea salt***

Duxelles mushroom with truffles oil, sour cream and chives Chantilly verrine ***


Meat Selection 1 x :

Mini cottage pies*

Thai Chicken Curry on a Small Poppodoms*

Smoked Chicken tortillia with tomato chutney*

Bangers and Mash with onions gravy served in spoon*

Roasted mustard and honey Cumberland sausage skewers*

 Meat Selection 2 x:

Pork belly, cider, grain mustard, parsnip  croquette with apple sauce **

Ham hock terrine with piccalilli skewer **

Mini chorizo in jerez vinegar and tomato marmalade **

Curried lamb and apricot kebabs**

Smoked duck breast and celeriac carpaccio with a tangerine vinaigrette skewers **

Smoked chicken green mango fillo basket  with soy and ginger dressing & lemon comfit**

Crispy scotch soft quail eggs with aioli mayonnaise**

 Meat Selection 3 x:

Spiced mini lamb burgers on cucumber with mint yogurt***

Smoked chicken & cream cheese with Asparagus verrine***

Rare roasted beef on mushrooms duxells & truffle oil croustini***


Fish Selection 1 x:

Smoked mackerel and horseradish rillette on crispy rye bread with pea shoots*

Grapefruit and dill salmon gravalax, with herbs fromage blanc skewers*

Smoked Haddock omelette tortillia, tomato chutney fried mint*

Mini fish pie in fillo pastry*

 Fish Selection 2 x:

Home salt cod fritters, butter beans pesto served with chilli citrus mayo**

Hot Smoked Salmon, aioli , black olives on sweet corn blinis**

Prawns cocktails baby gem verrine**

Salmon tartare with Eastern spice Poached Oriental salmon sweet chili glass noodles topped with toasted cashew nuts**

Beetroot Gravalax with  fresh horseradish skewers**

Wasabi shortbread with smoked salmon roses**

 Fish Selection 3 x:

Crab and avocado salsa, lime and chilli verrine***

Chart grilled tuna, roasted baby veg, mint couscous, Spanish olive tapenade and yogurt verrine ***